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Asked a question 6 months ago

It has always been my dream to be a surrogate. My BMI is too high so I have lost 28 pounds to get to 30! I have 2 beautiful boys. Any advice on great agencies in Texas?

Where am I?

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Missi Lockwood
VP Operations at Fertility Source Companies

Hi Jenny,

My name is Missi Lockwood and I wanted to touch base about your agency needs.  First off, congratulations on your achievement.  Losing weight is no easy feat and I'm very happy for you!

Here at Fertility SOURCE Companies, we work with surrogates, intended parents, and fertility doctors throughout the U.S. and our headquarters are in California.  The agency you work with does not have to be local to you - we provide full support to our surrogates no matter their location!  

I wish you the best on your surrogacy journey!

Missi Lockwood

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