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Asked a question 11 months ago

I don't have children (yet). Is there an agency that would accept me?

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Neelam Chhagani
International surrogacy consultant at IVF Conceptions

Dear Kim.

It depends.  If some surrogacy agency is not strict on that aspect, they can take you.  But most of the fertility doctors and preferably agencies too would like to go with a surrogate who has gone down the road and has first hands experience of pregnancy. I think they even are not wrong in this demand.  I say so, because they have years of experience and done many cases and have concluded this to be one of the vital requirements. 

Every pregnancy is different and each body behave differently.  There are lots of hormonal and bodily change happening during pregnancy, which might be too new for you.  It might make it difficult to cope as you are not going to the path you know a bit. Beside psychological, I think medical part is more important if you ask from fertility specialist point of view.  

Saying this, it does not mean you cannot be hired. It is that you need to contact more agencies. Some have liberal attitude on hiring a surrogate.  If all other criteria are perfect, you have good chances. Moreover, you need to be more open and prepared for pregnancy phase as you are still learning and can get benefit from the other people experience.

Also, in Indy surrogacy; you might have better chances to be accepted sooner. 

Best of luck and have a save journey.