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Asked a question 10 months ago

Egg donor agencies in California? I want to be a donor.

Where am I?

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Missi Lockwood
VP Operations at Fertility Source Companies

Hi Lindsey,

I'm happy to hear you are interested in being an egg donor.  I'm with Fertility SOURCE Companies and our donor division, The Donor SOURCE, could be a good fit for you.  We are located in Mission Viejo, CA but you don't need to be local to us to apply.  Message me if you have any questions I can help with!

Best wishes,

Missi Lockwood

Dawn Hunt
President of Fertility Alternatives, Inc.

Hi Lindsey

We certainly looking for very special donors.

Fertility Alternatives has been facilitating egg donation arrangements for 23 years and work with many clinics in California.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dawn Hunt

Fertility Alternatives, Inc. 

Jessie Page
Moderator at Surrogacy Forum

@Lindsey I'd suggest to also have a look here.